…In Transition

Transparency Warning: Have you ever felt close to death because the physical pain was so great that you blacked out momentarily? Have you ever prayed to God, “God, don’t let me die like this!” Begging and pleading, crawling on your elbows and thighs to what you thought might give you a fighting chance of survival? Have you thought, “I might not make it, but I’ve got to at least fight”? This was me between 11:30 p.m. and possibly 12:15 a.m. on Monday, February 20, 2023.

It’s happened once before while home alone, but this time, I knew there was no way I could drive myself to the emergency room.

Dear Reader,

As you know, this blog site is branded Looking for God #HEISEVERYWHERE, so allow me to share with you how I found God…in transition.

Initially, I started this post just wanting to tell someone a little bit about me and my desire to find the right doctor, a surgeon, but then a question popped into my mind.

“How can I use this to help someone?”

God answered.

Dear Heart,

You may have come to a point in the road where it seems like your hopes, dreams, and plans may have come to a screeching halt. Maybe they have and maybe they haven’t. The cliché goes “when your world is falling apart, it could be falling into place according to God’s will” or something to that effect, but who wants to hear that when they are caught between the thoughts and emotions of “maybe there’s still time” and “this is a sign of the beginning of the end”?

What if what you want doesn’t happen? What if this is an effect of “Lord, not my will, but YOUR will be done”? The “What if” game could go on forever, but can your trust in God?

I had to run out to the store last night to grab literally two things. I know you might be thinking that two things turned into a multitude like women usually experience, but no. I was self-disciplined, talking and praying my way through the store while browsing, and only after I picked up the only two things I came to get. At some point and out of nowhere, a Word came to me, “Be still and know that I AM GOD.” I immediately smiled at the recognition of my Heavenly Father’s voice. The feeling of HIS presence took priority over time wondering what this could mean in my life right now.

In hindsight, I remember a friend reaching out after I returned home telling me we should pray together at least once per week. Of course, I accepted without hesitation because it’s an opportunity I refuse to miss. Matthew 18:20 in the Holy Bible says where two or three are gathered together in Jesus’s name, there He will be in the midst. 2nd Corinthians 3:17 says that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Freedom is a core value of mine…when I’m in my right mind. (If you’ve battled with the spirit of rebelliousness, then you know what I mean.)

Back to reflecting on God’s Word to me, when I’m about to face something huge and life-changing, God will speak directly to me in one way or another or indirectly through someone operating in and under God’s Holy Spirit.
Side Note: Yesterday, I kept having visions of a particular blessing God has for me. The vision was so real that I could “smell” the evidence of it in the spirit. The experience was so phenomenal that I had to stop what I was doing and journal about it.

All of these things considered, it seems as though God is about to tear down some things in my life and build some things in my life. Perhaps, what God is about to do is so big and powerful that HE has sent a prayer partner/warrior to be a spiritual midwife and help birth the manifestation of God’s promises in my life. Phew! That’s powerful!

Back to you, My Love. What could you be dying to in order to get to? Could you let go of your false sense of control and stop trying to figure it all out alone? Please?

God’s hand in our lives did not stop after Creation. HE is very much living and active in our lives. I invite you to release your idols to God in exchange for the promising unknown.

May I pray with you?

Dear Heavenly Father,

My Brother or Sister is here with me in spirit seeking what only YOU can give us. Father, you know where it hurts, where it’s bruised, and where it bleeds. Only YOU, Father God, can heal us in spiritual places through Christ Jesus in places where social media videos and quotes and clichés can’t touch. It is YOU who provides for us. It is YOU who strengthens us and places us in our right minds. It is YOU who heals us from the self-inflicted damage from holding on to something or someone YOU have told us to let go. God, forgive us for the people, places, things, and ideas that we have put before YOU. Give us a new start and heal us from our past. Be our baggage claim checkpoint where we take off the old sinful self and put on the new person in Christ clothed in righteousness. Tell us again the plans YOU have for us, plans not to harm us but give us hope and a future, and tune our spiritual ears to hear YOU and listen to what YOU have to say. Forgive us for our sins whatever we have done whether in word, thought, or deed that was unlike YOU. Lead us into true repentance. Give us a new heart, a new song, a new walk. Baptize us in YOUR Holy Spirit. Renew in us a righteous spirit, and let us rejoice, bearing the fruits of YOUR Holy Spirit. YOUR Word calls us to be holy, for YOU, our God, are holy, so let us forever walk in that holiness at all times no matter the setting or company. In Jesus’s mighty name. Amen.

Friend, I believe that if you prayed that prayer with me with sincerity of heart, it is done in Jesus’s name. Please be and stay encouraged and in peace knowing that we are not our own but belong to and are kept by God. May God forever bless and keep you and your generations in Jesus’s name…especially when you find yourself…in transition.

Please allow Brother-in-Christ Jonathan McReynolds to minister to us through song.

Make Room by Jonathan McReynolds

6 thoughts on “…In Transition

  1. Thank you for sharing, praying with you as God strengthen you where you are weak, build you up where you feel torn down. Let God be enough as you go through your transition. Stay encouraged is my prayer for you. Peace and Blessings to you in Jesus Name, ❤️🌹🙏🏾

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